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How many beers make you drunk?

it really depends on how high the alcohol percentage is in the drink and also your tolerance to the drink. a woman probably about 4-5 men probably 5-6 it also depends what you mean by 'drunk'

Can sims get drunk on sims 2?

No they can't they dont have wine they have water and juice unless you have an expansion pack where they can drink wine in it then my thoughts exactly would be make them drink lots of the wine and that… Full Answer

Is Selena gomez drunk?

No, Selena Gomez is not drunk. No, Selena Gomez is not drunk. Many officials and paparazzi have been trying to convince the public that Selena Gomez is drunk. To make this clear, Selena is not drunk and she is just… Full Answer

What is the noun form of drink?

Drink can be a noun. I want that drink! My mother made fizzy, fruit drinks! There is a drink in the glass.... If it refers to alcohol... I am going to drink an alcoholic drink! I am drunk! (also a… Full Answer