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What is Alexandra's book blog?

Alexandra's book blog ( is where Alexandra Scena posts her oncoming books to everyone. she asks everyone to please critquie her work and post what you think the comments. If you like her work please share it with your friends… Full Answer

What was the latin word for theater?

The English "theater" actually has six different Latin translations. "Theatrum" centers more on the audience, while "scaena" and "scena" focus more on the stage and the scenery. Another is the word "cavea", which refers to an excavated site. Finally, there… Full Answer

What rhymes with entertainer?

Trainer Strainer Complainer Container abstainer arraigner campaigner caner cantilena chicaner constrainer coplanar cordwainer distrainer distrainor drainer explainer (half) gainer lantana maintainer (no-) brainer obtainer ordainer planar profaner refrainer regainer restrainer retainer scena Sinn Feiner stainer sustainer tramontana