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What is the definition of allegro?

When used as an adjective, allegro means of fast tempo. It can also be used as a noun, meaning a passage or movement in a brisk tempo. It can also mean a musical composition.

What is nirutham?

Nirutham is a pure movement in dance which while reflecting the mood of musical composition, does not convey any rasa or bhava. The examples of this form are Alaripu and Jatheeswaram.

What is video composition?

Without a context, it is difficult to give you the answer you want. You could term a filmed sequence as a 'video composition' in much the same way that you could term a musical sequence as a 'musical composition'.

What is a work of musical composition?

A work of musical composition is a basic tune or melody composed in order to perform them at small venues. EG. Mariah's musical composition gained her a lot of fame and popularity. However, they may also refer to great musical…