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Do black men prefer white women?

Every person is different and have different people and things that appeal to them. Some black men may prefer white women, while some prefer black women, some prefer Asian women, etc. It is really just personal preference and not something… Full Answer

What is ment by 'stereotype'?

it's kind of being racist like gay steriotypes would make fun of gays or black steriotypes who are racist and make fun of black people A stereotype is an assumption that all of people are the same in a certain… Full Answer

What is stereotypical views of gender?

There are many different stereotypes relating to gender. One common stereotype regarding women is that they are the weaker sex. A stereotype regarding men are that all men are dogs. Stereotypes can be hurtful and very inaccurate.

Are Turkish men bisexual?

This question is hard to answer for one reason. You can't stereotype all Turkish men as "gay" So I would have to say no, they aren't all gay.