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What is upsyndrome?

Up-syndrome means your a beautiful , talented person that is very confident.! And doesnt take crap from no one ! Up-syndrome has NOTHING to do with down syndrome!

Is nail patella syndrome recessive?

No, it is not recessive. Nail-patella syndrome is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner. This means that possession of only one copy of the defective gene is enough to cause disease. When a parent has nail-patella syndrome each of their… Full Answer

What is Ego syndrome?

Ego syndrome is not a medically recognized term, but it comes in many forms. One is runaway ego syndrome, which occurs when someone keeps bragging on themselves. This syndrome is usually intensified with alcohol. Another is fragile white ego syndrome… Full Answer

What does monosomy cause?

Normally individuals are born with both chromosomes. If, by chance, one is born with only one chromosome this is called aneuploidy. Monosomy is a form of aneuploidy. This condition can cause cri du chat syndrome, turner syndrome, and 1p36 deletion… Full Answer