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Can you buy Android apps in Canada?

According to official figures android applications are available to download in 131 countries which includes Canada. :)
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What are the best apps for Android phone?

Depends on what you're looking for. Some popular time waster games are the Angry Birds franchise, card games like Solitaire and poker and hidden object games. Utility apps ( ( Full Answer )
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How does Android Apps compare to iPhone Apps?

Android apps are blurrier, crasier, and sometimes maliciously dangerous and can infect your entire phone with a virus over night.
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How do you download android apps?

Go to playstore and create an account on playstore. after creatingaccount you can search mobile app with the help of app name,category, keywords. click on app icon and click o ( Full Answer )
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How do you get Android apps on your Android?

Tradus mobile appsto experience the India's largest market place, manage all yourshopping activity on mobile anywhere. Shop by category and gethighest discount on mobile apps ( Full Answer )
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How do you delete apps from an android?

There are twomethods to delete app one is for uninstalling downloaded apps andanother is for Uninstalling System and Carrier Apps. To uninstalldownloaded apps first open se ( Full Answer )
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Does it cost money to play android apps games?

Yeah only if you buy the paid version of the game, almost every game of android offers two different versions lite (free) & pro (Paid). It depends on you which one you downloa ( Full Answer )
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How do you make an Android App?

If you are familiar with any of the various codes, you just write it in one of them. If you are not, there are several software options, both free and paid, available on the i ( Full Answer )
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How do you get apps on android?

You can download and install apps through Google's Play Store, which offers the largest collection of Android apps available. The Play Store comes pre-installed on all license ( Full Answer )
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How do you pay for android apps?

When paying an Android App, you use your Google Checkout. Google Checkout uses your credit card or bank account to charge you the cost of your purchase. It is normally linked ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a app on android?

Android apps can be written in various coding languages including java, C+ etc. Going to the Google Developer forums will outline the process for you. If you do not know codi ( Full Answer )
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Can you use iPhone apps on android?

No, you cant use iphone app on android because Android based phone and tablets use Android OS and iphone is based on iOS because of different operating systems app ( Full Answer )
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Can you use phone credit to buy android apps?

Yes that is the default way of buying apps on Android Market. If you are on contract it will be charged at the end of the month
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How do you use android market app?

well i dont have an android but im guessing its similar to the app store where you click on it and you can search for the apps or they have apps there, dpends on what you want ( Full Answer )
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Where is the Android app store on the Android tablet?

It can be found at the top right-hand corner of any Android 3.x+ tablet's app drawer. Additionally, you can locate it in your app drawer under the name "Google Play Store."
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How do you submit Android apps to the Android market?

Go the the Android Developers website and click Publish. Next login into a Google Account, I recommend using a separate developer account for this. Follow and fill in the ins ( Full Answer )
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What are Android apps?

Android apps are applications designed to run on your Android device, not an Apple device. These apps include games, music, business, video, and more.
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How do you download games on to android emulator app?

There are various emulators available. Some come with the software you are using and automatically upload your files to view in an emulator (Adobe Dreamweaver for instance.) I ( Full Answer )
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What is an android app?

That refers to an application created for mobile devices that use the Android operating system.
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Is it possible to get game apps on a android with no wifi?

if you have an android phone then you can use google play to download apps thru your phones internet connection (3g/4g) if no service thru provider and no wifi then you can ( Full Answer )
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How can you update an app without using android market?

why would you want to do this? well some designers of apps have separate websites where you can download apps in addition to getting them from google play store. you can ( Full Answer )
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Can nokia E5 use an android apps?

No. You need to run android to run android apps. The Nokia E5 runs the Symbian OS.
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What is difference between the android app and android game app?

Android apps include various software applications that run on Android OS, such as photo processing app, "Blur Face" ( ( Full Answer )
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Which are the use full apps for android phone?

Juice Defender is a useful Android app because it is designed todisable other apps that are not in use to prevent them fromdraining your battery. Screebl is another useful app ( Full Answer )
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What is the most innovative android app you've ever used?

Web PC Suite helps me to abandon USB cable and now I transfer files between pc and Android phones by WiFi and this app. It is the best app I've found this year. You can get i ( Full Answer )