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Can Windows 7.8 be updated to Windows 8?

There isn't any Windows 7.8, but if you were referring to Windows Phone 7.8, it cannot be updated to Windows Phone 8 (note that I did not say Windows 8 because Windows 8 is for laptops, desktops and some tablets).

Is windows 8 out?

Windows 8 is not yet released. But Windows 7 is released. According to rumors, Windows 8 is going to be released somewhere between 2012 and 2013. Windows 8 is available as a Preview to Microsoft's Hired Windows 8 Developers. There… Full Answer

How do you upgrade ubuntu to Windows 8?

Windows 8 and Ubuntu are two totally different operating systems. Assuming you want to replace Ubuntu with Windows 8, you would need to buy a Windows 8 installation CD, boot it and install Windows 8 from there.