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Why are some penguins brown?

These are called isabelline penguins, and approximately 1 in 50,000 penguins are born brown. It's different from albinism. These penguins live shorter lives than black penguins, as they are not well-camouflaged and are often passed over as mates. Full Answer

What are theAnimal's name startinf from 'I'?

Iaeris Metalmark Iao Valley Nesosydne Planthopper Ibadan Malimbe Iberian Barbel Iberian Chiffchaff Iberian Emerald Lizard Iberian Lynx Iberian Midwife Toad Iberian Mole Iberian Nase Ibex Ibienko Ibis Ibisbill Icefish Iceland Gull Ichidna Ichthyosaurs Icterine Warbler Iguana Iguanodon Illadopsis Impala Imperator… Full Answer