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Is saya an Islamic name?

Saya means "Shadow". It cannot be said it is an Islamic or non-Islamic name __________________________________________ It could be an Islamic or non Islamic name Full Answer

What are some popular Islamic banking services?

Islamic banking services are available from some specialist Islamic banking institutions such as Islamic Bank of Britain, or European Islamic Investment Bank. There are also an increasing number of Islamic banking services available from non-Islamic institutions such as Lloyds TSB. Full Answer

Names of Islamic banks in Syria?

Cham Bank - Ist Islamic Bank in Sep 2006 Syria International Islamic Bank - 2nd Islamic Bank Sep 2007 Al Barakah Bank Syria - 3rd Islamic Bank January 2008 Cham Bank - Ist Islamic Bank in Sep 2006 Syria International… Full Answer

What is Islamic wallpaper?

Islamic blog is one of that website where you can find Islamic Photos and wallpapers. You can find several Islamic photos in this. We have collected several Islamic photos that you can find interesting. Apart from that you will also… Full Answer

What is an Islamic ruler?

An Islamic ruler is the one known as "Khalifah" which establishes the suprmacy of Shariah and Islamic state known as "Khilafah" in the world which covers all the Islamic countries of the world and establishes ONLY one Islamic state in… Full Answer