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What is the best sect in Islam?

the best sect in Islam, are those who practise the quran and sunnah based on the understandings of the first scholars of Islam...(why the first scholars?) the first scholars of Islam because most of them met the companies of the… Full Answer

What are 3 Islamic religions?

There is only one religion of Islam, but it is divided into numerous sects. The most populous sects are Sunnis (roughly 85% of the Muslim population) and Shiites (roughly 15% of the Muslim population). There are minor sects like the… Full Answer

How is an Islamic person considered holy?

Actually, there is no set criteria that makes a person holy or unholy. It all depends on the believing person whom he considers to be holy. All the Muslims consider all the Prophets holy. In addition, the companions of Prophet… Full Answer

What does dervishes mean?

Dervishes are a sect within the Islamic Sufi movement, a kind of mystic. They are often called "whirling Dervishes" because they use twirling dances to work themselves into a mystic trance. Full Answer

Does Deoband follow Wahabism?

Yes.They are South Asian version of Wahabism and considers all Practices and Faith of wahabism as lawful. Regularly invites wahabi Imams and receives Donation in terms of Petro dollors. According to Global encyclopedia of Islamic Mystics and Mysticism, The founders… Full Answer

Why can't Muslims play string instruments?

There is no sect or school of Islam with which I am aware that bans the playing of any type of musical instrument. Islamic Persia was actually well-known for a zyther-like instrument called al-qanun. One of the most common instruments… Full Answer