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Is Justin Bieber Italian?

He could be. He's Canadian, so he's probably French. Just because he's Canadian, doesn't mean he can't be Italian. I mean, that's plain stupidity to say that just because he's Canadian, that he can't be Italian too. Absurd. Full Answer

Is Sergio Di Zio Italian?

Yes, Sergio Di Zio (b. September 20, 1972) is Italian. Specifically, the actor is of Italian descent. The Canadian actor's hometown is Toronto, the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. His current role in the TV series "Flashpoint"… Full Answer

What is nacionality is Madonna?

She was born as a citizen of the USA but her father Silvio Ciccone is a first generation Italian American, her mother Madonna (yes, they share the same name) was of French Canadian origin. So to say, she is not… Full Answer