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When was Centaur born?

Ixion, king of the lapiths, mated with Nephele. She was a cloud image of Hera. Anyway, the issue were the first centaurs. There is no chronology in the Greek myths, so there are no answers to when-questions.

How far is ixion away from the sun?

It is a "Plutino" with a semi major axis of about 39.68 A.U. Its orbit is very eccentric so its actual distance from the Sun varies a lot. Anyway, its average distance will be about 3690 million miles.

What is the structure of Eris?

If you mean the dwarf planet 136199 Eris then I can answer to the question. Eris has a rocky core and icy mantle like other large trans-Neptunian objects like 20000 Varuna, 28978 Ixion, 38628 Huya, 50000 Quaoar, 90377 Sedna, 90482… Full Answer

Who is in Tarturus?

The first people were the Silver Race, who were created by Zeus. They did a bunch of vile things. Sisyphus Ixion Tantalus Apollo almost went to Tarturus because his son tried to bring back the dead. Hades told him to… Full Answer

What rhymes with iron?

Brian, cyan, Gaian, Geminian, Hawaiian, ion, iron, Ixion, lion, Lyon, Mayan, Narayan, O'Brien, Orion, Paraguayan, prion, Ryan, scion, Uruguayan, Zion•andiron•gridiron, midiron•dandelion • anion • Bruneian•cation, flatiron•gowan, Palawan, rowen•anthozoan, bryozoan, Goan, hydrozoan, Minoan, protozoan, protozoon, rowan, Samoan, spermatozoon•Ohioan • Chicagoan •… Full Answer

What are all the planets in outer space?

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) recognises eight planets in our solar system (from closest to sun to furthest); Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. A further five dwarf planets are recognised by the IAU; Ceres (in the… Full Answer

What rhymes with Zion?

2 syllables: brian, brion, bryan, bryen, bryon, cryan, dian, dion, guyon, hyun,ion, lion, lyon, mayan, mion, rion, ryan, ryen, ryon, scion, tryon,wian, wion, zeien 3 syllables: ant lion, ghanaian, hawaiian, ixion, mcbrien, nvryan, obrian,o'brian, obryan, o'bryan, olayan, orion, sea lion… Full Answer