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Does Joe Biden have a chance to be president?

Joe Biden - Wins "CNN YouTube Debate" . I think he has a resonable chance. At the CNN YouTube debate he left me with a positive impression.. Of all the current democratic ( Full Answer )
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Where is joe bidens brother francis?

He goes by Frank, and he lives in Louisville KY.. Think hes hiding from the Judgment against him. In 1999 he was responsible for the death of a man... Article is in the Nati ( Full Answer )
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Where is Joe Biden from?

He is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, but he later moved to Delaware, where he continues to reside, even when working in Washington DC.
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Is Joe Biden a Free Mason?

Joesph Biden may or may not be a Freemason. Generally that is a private decision of a person. The following Presidents and Candidates were Masons - note that not all President ( Full Answer )
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Where does Joe Biden live?

Joe does not live in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden and his wife Jill live in Greenville, Delaware, a small suburb or small town just outside of Wilmington, Delaware. hes from Penns ( Full Answer )
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What college did Joe Biden go to?

Joe Biden went to college at the University of Delaware (where he earned his Bachelors of Art) and Syracuse University (where he earned his Juris Doctor). Joe Biden went to co ( Full Answer )
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How many childern does joe biden have?

He has two sons living & a daughter who was killed in a car accident. All three by his first wife who was also killed. He has a daughter by his current wife.
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Who is Joe Biden married to?

Joe Biden married Jill Jacobs Stevenson on June 17, 1977. Between 1970 and 1976, she was married to Bill Stevenson.
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What was joe biden current job?

According to his online biography he is currently the senator in the state of Delaware
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How long was Joe Biden a senator?

I believe he was senator of Delaware for 16 years! He was also the fifth youngest senator in that state. . 36 years
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When was Joe Biden elected?

Joe Biden became a senator in 1973 at the constitutional minimum age of 30. He has been a Washington insider for over 35 years and is the sixth longest serving of the current ( Full Answer )
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How did joe biden overcome studdering?

What Joe Biden did to overcome studdering was he stood in front of a mirror, and just talked into the mirror. Watching himself talk helped him overcome studdering because by w ( Full Answer )
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Who are joe bidens kids?

Vice President Joe Biden has three living children, Joseph R. III,Robert Hunter, and Ashley. He had a daughter named Naomi who wasborn in 1971 and died in a car accident with ( Full Answer )
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How liberal is Joe Biden?

He is very Liberal because He nows that we need a change and we need it right now.
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What is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden is a person. He is not only a person, but he is the Vice President of the United States.
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Hometown of joe biden?

Biden was born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania but moved to Deleware at the age of ten. He presently lives in Wilmington, Deleware.
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Joe biden email address?

Joe Biden does not give out his email address to the generalpublic. Joe Biden is the current Vice President of the UnitedStates.
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What is joe bidens current occupation?

Joe Biden has been the Vice President of the United States since January 20, 2009. He was reelected to a second term, which ends on January 20, 2017.
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Is Joe Biden known to be a liar?

Joe Biden is not known to be a dishonest politician. Like all politicians, he does stretch the truth from time to time, but he does not have a record of blatant dishonesty.\n. ( Full Answer )
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How did Joe Bidens wife die?

His first wife died tragically when she was killed in an automobile accident in 1972; the crash also killed Mr. Biden's one year old daughter.
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Is joe Biden a widow?

Joe Biden's first wife was Neilia Hunter Biden. She passed away in1972. He married Jill Tracey Biden in 1977.
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Does Joe Biden have any brothers?

Yes, Joe Biden has two brothers. His two brothers, who are both younger than him, are James and Frank.
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What does joe biden do?

Joe Biden passes laws, planting more trees, and other stuff you don't need to know so yeah...
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What are joe biden gaffes?

He said Obama wasn't ready to be president and now he is running as his VP. Biden's latest - "It's easy being vice president - you don't have to do anything." Whomever Biden ( Full Answer )
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What are Joe Biden lies?

Joe Biden lies when he says gun control laws stop crime.. Also, the so called assault weapons ban he wrote as part of the Biden Crime Bill is all lies as these weapons never ( Full Answer )
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What is joe bidens political experience?

Candidate, United States President, 1988, 2008 Senator, United States Senator, 1973-present Councilmember, New Castle County Council, 1970-1972.
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When was Joe Biden elected to the senate?

Joe Biden was elected to the Senate seven different times. He was elected in the following years: 1972, 1978, 1984, 1990, 1996, 2002, and 2008.
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Who is is Joe Biden?

Joe Biden served six terms in the United States Senate. He resignedand became the 47th Vice President of the United States.
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What did joe biden do?

Mr. Biden is a former senator from Delaware, who tried on several occasions to run for president but was unsuccessful. Known for his experience in foreign policy, he is curren ( Full Answer )
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Does Joe Biden have dementia?

Not at all. You may not like him or agree with his politics, but his mental health is quite sound.
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Is joe biden mentally challenged?

Yes. He suffers from multiple mental disorders and is the nation's first mentally challenged Vice President.
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Where did Jill and Joe Biden get married?

Jill and Joe Biden got married at the Chapel at the United Nations in New York. They married on June 17, 1977.
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Is Joe Biden Jesuit trained?

There are a lot of online claims that he is, but his education was not at any Jesuit institutions. He went to a Catholic high school, but it was not run by the Jesuits. And ( Full Answer )