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When was the Bren gun first built?

The First Bren Mark 1 LMG was built in the Royal Small Arms factory in Enfield Lock in England during September 1937, although preparations for its manufacture had begun in 1934.

What is MG26 in World War 2?

The MG26 was the name the Wehrmacht gave to the ZB vz. 26 Czech LMG. It was used thoroughly by both the Germans and the Czechs during the Czechoslovakian occupation, usually in a squad role or mounted attack role.

Navy seals weapons?

M4A1, with a medium and short barrelled upper. -Acog and Eotech sights, silencers and grips. Sig Sauer P226 Pistol. M110 Sniper rifle. MacMillian 50 cal. Mk48. lmg Mk14 battle rifle M1014 shotgun

What are all the firearms in Dead Rising 2?

There are a total of 8 guns scattered across Fortune City. Assault Rifle Blast Frequency Gun Handgun LMG Mercenary Rifle Shotgun Six Shooter (Can be gotten by completing the WWJWWD? Mission) Sniper Rifle

What caliber was the browning lmg?

Both the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) and the Browning machineguns (series 1919) were made in caliber 30-06. HOWEVER, there were other calibers manufactured for special markets. Search Wikipedia for BAR, and look up some of the secondary calibers- they may… Full Answer