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Are minerals distributed evenly around the world?

Minerals are not distributed evenly on a global scale. There are mineral hot spots that are abundant with minerals. The presence of these minerals here are in accordance with ( Full Answer )
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Is ozone evenly distributed throughout the atmosphere?

No. It is at its minimum at Earth's surface (where there is little energetic sunlight to make more, and plenty of things that cause it to decay), and in the exosphere (where t ( Full Answer )
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Are touch receptors distributed evenly in the skin?

no there not e.g there are many more in the hand than the back and they are closer together in the hand because it is the part of the body we feel most of the world with . ( Full Answer )
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What is the process that distributes the operation evenly to all of the numbers in parenthesis?

It's called the Distributive Property or the Distribution Method. The Distributive Property is an algebra property which is used to multiply a single term and two or more ter ( Full Answer )
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What are the effects of jealousy among siblings?

Well, if you're sibling seems a little sad when you get something and they don't, that means they're jealous. When you're mom gets you something from the store and your siblin ( Full Answer )
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Why are gases evenly distributed in a solution?

This phenomena can be described a number of different ways. The easiest explanation is that gasses dissipate (are distributed evenly) due to the theory of entropy. This theory ( Full Answer )
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Is the worlds population evenly distributed?

No, as places like India have 1000's of people per square km whereas Australia only has 10 people per square km in some places.
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How is power evenly distributed within the government?

There are checks and balances within the three branch government. The checks and balances the Legislative Branch has are : they have to approve appointments of Supreme Court J ( Full Answer )
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How are volcanos distributed on the map Are they scattered evenly or concentrated in zones?

They are concentrated in zones - specifically at or near convergent and divergent tectonic plate boundaries. There are a few exceptions that can occur within tectonic plates w ( Full Answer )
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Are most genetic diseases evenly distributed among ethnic groups?

The problem with genetic diseases is that they are never gone. Say bob has the hemophelia desease and his wife is a carrier of the disease as well. Their children have a one i ( Full Answer )
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Why is the population of Africa so evenly distributed?

firstly, africans are divided ammong themselves- this is facts- they are constantly fighting each other, therefore one finds that there is a constant level of migration in the ( Full Answer )
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Should energy consumption be more evenly distributed?

No. That gives the government power to control everything, justlike they do in Communist countries. As the government tricks usinto giving them more and more power, they're gr ( Full Answer )
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Why are minerals not evenly distributed on earth?

they r not evenly distributed , they r concentrated on one particular area or rock formation , thry r formed in different types of geological environments , under varying cond ( Full Answer )
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Is the population of Norway evenly distributed?

No, it is not, as the population density is higher in the southeast in and around Oslo than it is in the North. Even so, being a mountainous area Norway still has the lowest p ( Full Answer )
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Are the continents evenly distributed around Earth?

Nope... They are pretty much where they look on a map, some are separated by large distances and others are close together. It's also important to remember that either size or ( Full Answer )
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Is the wealth distribution fair among a country?

That depends upon the interpretation of the word "fair". In Capitalism fair distribution is determined by what you've done to get what you earn and in that case every dollar i ( Full Answer )
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How can you use measures of central tendency to distribute an amount evenly among a group of people?

It may be approximately possible. Calculate the mean and give everybody an amount equal to the mean. Unfortunately, that may not be possible. If you have 10 pounds (sterling ( Full Answer )
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Why is the Sun's energy not distributed evenly in terms of latitude?

At higher latitudes (toward the poles), the angle of the Sun's rays is not vertical but shallow, meaning that more of the energy is both absorbed and refracted in the atmosphe ( Full Answer )
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Why is it important to design an aircraft so that its weight is distributed evenly?

It's very important when you design the plane that the plane weight is distributed evenly. The plane need it's gravity center in the center of the fuselage (On it's wings). Fo ( Full Answer )
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Are diamonds evenly distributed on earth?

You can find diamonds on every continent on earth, except Europeand Antarctica. This belies any statement that diamonds are 'evenlydistributed' on the planet.
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Why the world's population is not evenly distributed?

soil:soils are the main factors of agriculture.fertile with favorable climate can attract a large number of population in any part of the world. river:it is providing with d ( Full Answer )