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Where can you buy polish food?

There is a site: with list of restaurants and deli stores in USA. They have mostly polish food businesses but also businesses with food from other European countries. Full Answer

Can you buy acetone in ASDA?

On the ASDA website, there is a product called "Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover" that contains acetone. They also list a Sally Hansen nail polish remover that contains acetone. Full Answer

Who broke the enigma code?

The Polish Marian Rejewski, Jerzy and Henryk~!! A good book, by Robert Harris, Enigma, is next on my to read list. The Polish broke the pre-war machines, in 1932. Then after the war broke out, the Polish sent the information… Full Answer

Are there different types of acetone?

regular acetone, acetone with enriched formula (protein for the nail), maximum strength acetone, non-acetone, gel nail polish remover, artificial nail polish remover, acetone for dry brittle nails, powder-acetone free nail polish remover, list goes on and on. You can find… Full Answer