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What are the cities with over 5 million people?

Top cities around the world with over 9 million. Cities with over 10 Tokyo- Over 33M New York City over 18M Sao Paulo, Brazil 17.7M Seoul-Incheon, S.Korea 17.5M Osaka-Kobe-K ( Full Answer )
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Most populated cities in China?

Shanghai has a population of over 20 million. Approximately 17 million permanent residents and more than 3 million temporary residents. Beijing is the second most populous cit ( Full Answer )
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What was the first city to reach a population of one million?

Rome, Italy in 133 BC ______________ There's no evidence for any city reaching a million before the 19thcentury. Ancient Rome covered less than 14 sq km, making a peakpopulat ( Full Answer )
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What are the highest populated cities in china?

It depends who you ask. Officially it is Chongqing, something like 30 million, but the Chinese system is weird - Chongqing city includes towns and small cities nearby in it's ( Full Answer )
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What countries have populations over 39 million?

There are 35 countries with populations over 39 million. A few ofthe countries are South Korea, Colombia, Ukraine, and Spain. Sudanis the 35th.
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What was first ancient city to reach one million population.?

The first ancient city that reached one million population was Rome, capital of the Roman Empire.. The above is not documented fact.. the first city to reach one million pop ( Full Answer )
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Why is China over populated?

well if take a peice of paper and cut it in half you have two peices of paper, then if you were to cut them again and turn them into super heros you'd have four super heros. ( Full Answer )
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List cities in China with a population over one million.?

China's Largest Cities This list includes China's 99 cities with populations over one million as of the 1990 national census. City Population (millions) Shanghai 8 ( Full Answer )
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3 most populated cities in china?

Shanghai ........ 15, 789, 000 people Beijing ........ 11, 106, 000 people Guangzhou....... 9, 447, 000 people
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What cities have a population of over ten million people?

Six cities have an actual population of over ten million... 1. Mumbai (Bombay), India 12.5 (million) 2. Karachi, Pakistan 11.5 3. New Delhi, India 11 4. Shanghai, China 11 5. ( Full Answer )
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What led to the over population in China?

In 1949 when The People's Republic of China was formed the population was mostly workers and families were paid to have babies. The probelm was the population didn't stop grow ( Full Answer )
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How many cities in the US have a population over 1 million?

9 cities in the US have a population of over 1,000,000. They are as listed below: New York City 8.18m Los Angeles 3.80m Chicago 2.70m Houston 2.10m Phoenix 1.45m ( Full Answer )
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What is the third largest populated city in China?

Tianjin with 5,800,000 residents is the third most populated city in China. Shanghai is first with 13,481,600, and Beijing is second with 9,532,000.
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List of Canadian cities by population?

There are two different ways that Canadian cities can be listed bypopulation. The first of course is just the cities with the largestpopulation which would be; Montreal, Toron ( Full Answer )
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List of cities in Germany with 2 million population?

Berlin is the only such city, at 3.4 million inhabitants. The second largest, Hamburg, is already as "small" as 1.7 million inhabitants. ( Full Answer )
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List of French cities by population?

1 . Paris. 2,152,000. 2 . Marseille. 808,000. 3 . Lyon. 422,000. 4 . Toulouse. 366,000. 5 . Nice. 346,000. 6 . Strasbourg. 256,000. 7 . Nantes. 252,000. 8 ( Full Answer )
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What are the 9 cities in the us that have a population over 1 million?

1. New York. New York. 8,391,881. 2. Los Angeles. California. 3,831,868. 3. Chicago. Illinois. 2,851,268. 4. Houston. Texas. 2,257,926. 5. Phoenix. Arizona. ( Full Answer )
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What US city has a population of 6 million?

New York City is the only city with a population of over 6 million at approx 8.4 million. Los Angeles is second with apporx 3.8 million.
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How many Australian cities have a population of over a million?

As of early 2011, there seem to be FIVE. However, the computation of population may use varying criteria : Statistical Districts, Urban Centres, or Local Government Areas (by ( Full Answer )
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What us cities is over 1 million?

New York City Boston, MA Washington DC Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA Trenton, NJ Patterson, NJ Baltimore, MD Atlanta, GA Orlando, FLA Memphis, TN Tuscaloosa, MS Little Ro ( Full Answer )
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What is the population in china in each city?

According to 2010 Census City. Built up Area . Urban Area. Administrative Area. Guangzhou. 41,230,000. 11,070,654. 12,700,800. Shanghai. 25,607,016. 22,315,426. ( Full Answer )