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What is mfm or mmf?

mfm is a threesome where there are 2 straight guys n one girl, and both guys gave sex with the girl. mmf is where the guys are bisexual, and have sex with each other as well as the girl. Full Answer

What are MMF movies?

A pornographic film where there are 2 males (MM) having sex with 1 female (F). Typically, it also means the males are having sex with eachother, as well. This is opposed to MFM, which indicates that there are still 2… Full Answer

How much memory can a floppy disc hold?

Depends on the floppy:Original IBM System/370 microcode 8 inch floppy - 80K bytesShugart OEM 8 inch floppy (single sided, FM recording) - 128K bytesShugart OEM 8 inch floppy (single sided, MFM recording) - 256K bytesShugart OEM 8 inch floppy (single… Full Answer

What should you feed your horse?

You should feed him whatever your vet recomends. But you can also choose by these guid lines. What kind of horse do you have such as an heavy horse or hard working such as clydsdale percheron Arabian, or quarter horse… Full Answer

Parallel ATA is also called what standard?

Parallel ATA (sometimes called PATA) is synonymous with IDE or EIDE (Integrated Drive Electronics or Enhance Integrated Drive Electronics). IDE was the first technology to include the controller and hard drive in the same housing; previously with SCSI, MFM and… Full Answer

What connects with a ribbon cable?

A 34-pin ribbon cable will connect a floppy drive. A 40 (or 80) conductor ribbon cable is for (E)IDE devices. Other ribbon cables may be used (80 conductor for SCSI, and in older systems, MFM and RLL Hard drives). A… Full Answer

What existed before ATA drives?

Before IDE/ATA drives, there were about 4-5 other types of drives. For PC XT/AT computers, the first used were MFM or "modified frequency modulation." They required a separate controller card, a power cable, a control cable, and a data cable… Full Answer

How do you have a threesome?

depends on if who is involved, three girls, three guys, two guys and a girl, or two girls and a guy. usually it is two girls and a guy, in which case, the guy can have anal sex with one… Full Answer