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What is the Cherokee word for love?

In English, the phonetics for this is guh-gay-you-ee (Cherokee phoentics Gv-ge-yu-i). The word, written in the Cherokee language, can be found here:,336,0xffffff Full Answer

What are the ranks in the Canadian Forces?

RanksNavyArmy / Air ForceGeneral OfficersAdmiral (Adm)General (Gen)Vice-Admiral (VAdm)Lieutenant-General (LGen)Rear-Admiral (RAdm)Major-General (MGen)Commodore (Cmdre)Brigadier-General (BGen)Senior OfficersCaptain (Capt (N))Colonel (Col)Commander (Cdr)Lieutenant-Colonel (LCol)Lieutenant-Commander (LCdr)Major (Maj)Junior OfficersLieutenant (Lt (N))CaptainSub-Lieutenant (SLt)Lieutenant (Lt)Acting Sub-Lieutenant (A/SLt)Second Lieutenant (2Lt)Subordinate OfficerNaval Cadet (NCdt)Officer Cadet (OCdt)Senior Non-Commissioned membersChief Petty Officer 1st… Full Answer