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What is Marxism?

Marxism was originally created by philosophers Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels in the Communist Manifesto (brilliantly written, highly suggested) during 1848 in the midst of the ( Full Answer )
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Example of marxism?

The policies, proposals and beliefs of President Barack Obama are examples. Imposing heavy taxes on wealthier Americans in order to spread the wealth" to the less fortunate is ( Full Answer )
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What is Marxism-Leninism?

After the death of Vladimir Lenin, Marxism-Leninism was the official ideology of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, and became the basis for other Communist state ideologies, ( Full Answer )
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Was marxism successful?

That question can only be answered once either socialism has beenacheived worldwide so that humanity as a whole can begin atransition to communism (in which case, hellz yeah!) ( Full Answer )
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Marxism and Communism?

Answer . Karl Marx once said; "I am not a Marxist!". He also once called his adherents "useful idiots". Karl Marx presented a strategy in communism much of which can be fou ( Full Answer )
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What were the effects of Marxism?

Marxist feminism def; Marxist feminism is a sub-type of feminist theory which focuses on the dismantling of capitalism as a way of liberating women. Marxist feminism states th ( Full Answer )
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In what ways does capitalism differ from Marxism?

In pretty much every way you can think of. Under Marxism, there is no individual wealth. Under capitalism, that's everyone's goal. . As described by Marx & Engles in their ( Full Answer )
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What was marxism?

marxim is an ideology that contribute by karl marx about classless society or socialist communist from bourgouise kapital
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In Marxism who is the proletariat?

The proletariat is the unpropertied working class. They can be distinguished from small farmers or artisans in that they do not own any part of the means of producing anything ( Full Answer )
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In Marxism who are the bourgeoisie?

Anyone who owns the means of production (productive land, factories, etc) or who makes a profit through the exploitation of wage labour -- employing someone for a wage which i ( Full Answer )
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In Marxism who is the bourgeoisie?

The Bourgeoisie are the ruling class, they own all the means of production within a country. They control the state, religion and media to further their own goals and maintain ( Full Answer )
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When did marxism start?

Marx and Engels started their work in the early 1840's. As a distinct philosophy however it was not until at least the 1870's until Marx and Engels had gained a reasonable num ( Full Answer )
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What are the difference between marxism and neo marxism?

Marxism is a political, economic and social philosophy that primarily seeks to understand how society works and how to change it. Neo-Marxism is a term sometimes used to refer ( Full Answer )
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When did marxism come to be?

Marxism started to be developed by Marx and Engels in the 1840's,though they called it scientific socialism.
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How does marxism work?

Honestly i really dont know i only know that it is really just like prejeducy and very segragated but only by gender. marxism is for a fact against femeninity and communism wh ( Full Answer )
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What countries are under marxism-Leninism?

The word Marxism-Leninism is used roughly as a synonym for Communism. (Marx was a philosopher who wrote about his ideas for a Communist state, and Lenin was an early leader of ( Full Answer )
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Why marxism failed?

Marxism didn't fail. Most of the revolutions that had Marxism astheir ideology only had a perverted version of it. Also, all of thecountries where a socialist revolution has o ( Full Answer )
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Why did Marxism appeal to some Russians?

Marxism promised the Russian people freedom from opression, slavery, poverty & all the ills of the world by an equitable distribution of produce amongst those who produced it. ( Full Answer )
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What does Marxism stand for?

If I'm not mistaken, Marxism was inspried and created by a man called Karl Marx, an influential communist. 'Workers of all countries, unite!' Who said that? Karl Marx. He beli ( Full Answer )
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Which is basic principle of marxism?

Marxism is based on three key principles 1) materialist interpretation of history - discusses how history isa product of struggles between the social classes 2) critique of ( Full Answer )
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Is communism the same as marxism?

Communism is a party, and Marxism is the specific variation of thatparty as made popular by Karl Marx and Frederik Engels ( Thewriters of the Communist Manifesto ) P.S. If co ( Full Answer )
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What countries have Marxism?

Since the general collapse of international communism around the year 1990, there are relatively few countries in the world which practice any form of Marxism or Marxist-Lenin ( Full Answer )
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Marxism-why is marxism like a soccer league table?

Teams with lots of money such as Chelsea and Manchester City are high up in the Barclay's Premier League at the moment. Whereas teams struggling financially, are also struggli ( Full Answer )
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Is Marxism a religion?

No. Marxism is best described a political belief and definitely not a religious one. Karl Marx was decidedly against organized religions, which he called the opiate of the the ( Full Answer )
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In marxism who is bourgeoisie?

The middle class, they would be the ones that the lais-fair rose up and took down the bougeoisie
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What are the disadvantages of marxism?

It will increases all kinds of economic crimes, people trying get money illegally when legal meaning are not available.
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What ideas did Lenin add to Marxism to create Marxism-Leninism?

Lenin added the concept that the road to communism did not need to wait for the creation of a proletariat of exploited workers to rise up and seize the means of production. He ( Full Answer )
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Who developed Marxism?

Marxism was developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and later developed by Lenin and by Mao Tse-Tung, among others.
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Is marxism good?

Marxism in itself is good. What the communists did with it was bad. Some would argue human nature won't allow for Karl Marx's views to work. Karl Marx believed that private ow ( Full Answer )
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Why employers dislike marxism?

Marx insisted that workers must own all employers, tools, trucks, inventories, and patents. No investor or founder or inventor or owner had any more right to their property th ( Full Answer )
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What is the Asiatic stage of development in Marxism?

It is called Oriental Despotism. Earlier Marxism believed it to be a pre-feudal stage of development where powerful despots controlled mass populations and exploited tribute f ( Full Answer )
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Why is everyone in marxism equal?

Marxism does not say that everyone is simply equal. Marx and Engels thought that people should be equal (socially, economically , politically, etc) and that people should al ( Full Answer )
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When was the collapse of marxism?

Marxism has never collapsed. The collapse of the Soviet Union is often refered to as the "collapse of Communism" however. In regards to Marxism, many within mainstream academi ( Full Answer )
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What ideas did Lenin add to Marxism to create Marxism Leninism?

Lenin work is probably the most important within Marxism since Engels died and he had quite a few very significant ideas. One is his work on imperialism, he was the first to p ( Full Answer )
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How does early Marxism differ from late Marxism?

The question is difficult to answer for several reasons.Marxists today often identify to some extent with some sort oftradition within Marxism and would have some disagreement ( Full Answer )