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Can guinea pigs eat fritos?

No. Only feed your guinea pig vegetables and some fruits plus timothy hay and pellets. NEVER feed them pellets meant for rabbits or other animals. Always check a trusted website to see if it is safe to feed a guinea… Full Answer

What brand of food do guinea pigs eat?

well, a guinea pig can have most foods but not alfalfa hay! only pregnant cavys should have that. So any kind of pellets is okay, make sure you give your cavys plenty of fruits and veggies AND timothy hay. Bye!

Can Guinea Pigs Have Hay?

Yes. They need an unlimited supply of timothy hay all the time and alfalfa hay if they are pregnant. indeed guinea's do eat hay which they like most as straw can sometimes poke in there eyes whilst they are eating… Full Answer

Will your guinea pig over eat?

Guinea pigs don't have a real sense to stop them from eating. They will eat eat eat if they want to. Cut low on veggies for a healthy guinea pig. Also, only fill their bowls every morning and night with… Full Answer

Why guinea pig eat their own feces?

If a guinea pig is not getting adequate nutrition it may start eating it's own fecal matter in an attempt to obtain nutrients that weren't absorbed the first time. It isn't fecal matter it is pellets. Like when a cow… Full Answer

Can you feed your guinea pig rabbit pellets?

You can. Rabbit pellets and guinea pig pellets are essentially the same thing. Guinea pig pellest usually have vitamin C included in their ingredients...which is an essential vitamin for a guinea pig to consume. Other animals, like rabbits, horses etc… Full Answer

What is the proper feeding of guinea pig?

They need unlimited timothy hay, 1/8 to 1/4 a cup timothy based pellets, and about a cup of veggies per day, plus a little bit of fruit once a week. To learn more about guinea pig care, go to

Can a guinea pig eat lettuce?

There is no problem with guinea pigs eating a small amount of lettuce daily. They certainly enjoy it. It's true that lettuce is high in water, so there is some chance of a guinea pig developing diarrhoea if it eats… Full Answer

Why do guinea pigs eat so much?

not only does the guinea pig eat much but every other animal but the pig. every animal but the pig can eat until it barfs but the pig stops himself from eating so much.