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You were 5 days late on your period now your period is 3 days long and heavy but you had sex the day before you started and now you feel like you want to throw up?

Being 5 days late can be from a lot of things. If you are young, and do not want to be pregnant, the stress from thinking you're pregnant can delay your period. Also if you ar ( Full Answer )
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I am 19 days late on my period but all urine tests have been negative. i usually have a 32day cycle. me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex 2weeks before period up until now. whats going on?

That is the worst time to have sex if you aren't trying to get pregnant. Ovulation occurs at 2 weeks after your period. It also correlates with feelings of 'excitement', which ( Full Answer )
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Can you get your period 2 days before your period start date?

Yes. That happens to me every month - my period is usually early by a couple of days, so don't worry. Sometimes periods are late, sometimes they're early. They're ( Full Answer )
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What is it like before you start your period?

My story: Well, I'm 14 and I just started my period a few days ago, so I suppose I can tell you a little something. A few years ago I noticed some breast development and so ( Full Answer )
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Does your period always start on the right day?

No. Its completely normal if yuh miss your period. Wether its a few days or a month. I missd my period last month. Im sure im going to get it soon. Yur fine.(: bt if yuh miss ( Full Answer )
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What happens if you go over 28days between each period?

Nothing at all, it's normal. 28 days is the average menstrual cycle length - everyone isdifferent so not everyone will have a 28 day cycle, also it'snormal for cycles to chan ( Full Answer )
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What if your period came a couple of days before it usually do?

In most cases, it's nothing to worry about. Very few young women (and almost no teenagers) have a totally regular cycle of 28 days. Sometimes, your period will be early, somet ( Full Answer )