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What are your chances of getting pregnant if pre-ejaculate fluid just slightly touched the vagina?

Answer . If sperm came into contact with your vagina there there is a risk of pregnancy. Precum does contain sperm. Here is some information to you which might help you in ( Full Answer )
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If you get pre-ejaculate fluid on your hand and then if your hand touches your body can you become pregnant?

Pre-cum contains small amounts of leftover sperm from a previous ejaculation, whether from a wet dream or from sex/masturbation. . Once the sperm is exposed outside of the b ( Full Answer )
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Can she get pregnant you touch pre-ejaculate fluid wipe it off then finger her?

Yes, but only if you taste or lick your finger first. If it is salty, then its is ripe for fertility. If it is not salty, then keep licking, then go and tell as many friends a ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get pregnant if the tip of the penis touches the vagina there may be pre-ejaculate fluid but the girl washes her vagina right after it happens?

Answer . There is always a chance if you are doing things unprotected. If you do not want to get pregnant you should have a regular method of birth contral and in addition ( Full Answer )
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How come i can ejaculate without touching myself?

I think it might be cos you should masturbate more, the longer you don't the more likely you will be able to ejaculate without stimulation
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My boyfriend had pre-ejaculation fluid on his sweat pants and I touched it then touched myself. can you get pregnant.?

If you do, it will be the next evolution of human being, or the second coming (so to speak). It is possible, but extremely improbable. Firstly, pre-ejaculate has a very sli ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get pregnant if her boyfriend touches himself and gets pre-ejaculate fluid on this fingers and then touches the outside of her vagina?

No. You can only get pregnant when it goes inside your vagina. It needs to swim inside.. Answer . Well, not necessarily. I mean, the chances may be slim, but if there is "pr ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant if your wearing boxers and there's some pre-ejaculate fluid soaked through them and that touches the vagina?

NO! This is like the other ridiculous myth that you can get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat. These misconceptions just spawn from people's general lack of knowledge on ( Full Answer )
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If a guy touches his penis with pre-ejaculate on it then wipes it off on his pants and fingers you 5 minutes later 30 days after your last period what are the chances of you being pregnant?

Whenever your period was doesn't matter. Neither does the 5 minutes.. Sperm (sometimes found in "pre-cum") + Vagina = Pregnancy.. Being a guy, I would never put my hands ANY ( Full Answer )
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Could i be pregnant if i touched my boyfriends penis and then touched myself but ive come on my period a day later and its heavy but i have stomach pains and sickness?

The only way you could have become pregnant is if you touched his sperm and put in into your vagina. And, if you had your period, the stomach pains and sickness could very wel ( Full Answer )
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What do I do after i touch myself?

If you have touched yourself, depending on your sex, it is best to reflect on what was just happening and consider if you did it only because of pleasure. Many get to touching ( Full Answer )
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Can a girl get pregnant if pre-ejaculate touches her tampon?

Yes a girl can get pregnant with pre-cum, but if you are using a tampon because you are on your period the chances are slim. You shouldn't be using a tampon if not on a period ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant if a guy touches his penis and then touches your vagina he hasnt ejaculated yet but there is some fluid on the tip of his penis answer asap pls?

If he hasn't ejaculated yet then you most likely cannot get pregnant. Remember, he ejaculates hundreds of thousands to millions of sperm cells with every orgasm, but it only t ( Full Answer )