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How can you unlock the SD card if the lock bottom is missing and your card is locked?

This maybe useful to anyone whose "lock" toggle has fallen off. The plastic toggle is there to activate a switch in the device (like in digital camera) not on the card. To get ( Full Answer )
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Kodak memory card and a canon A540 digital camera you have flipped the switch on all 4 cards many times and it is still saying it is locked how do you unlock them they were working perfectly until you?

The first thing to check is the locking switch on the side of the card, making sure it is in the upward (toward the contacts) unlocked position. If you've already tried this, ( Full Answer )
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Why does my Peugeot 306 central locking lock but immediately unlock again but you can lock the doors manually from inside?

I have had this problem. The central locking system checks that all of the doors are closed when it is activated. So it has a loop of wires that goes through all the door ( Full Answer )
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2000 kia sportage 4x4 how do you unlock the front auto locking hubs if they stick?

If the hubs are stuck in the lock position you will have to remove them and try to clean them and put fresh grease in them check the springs make shure they are not broken or ( Full Answer )
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2003 Honda civic wiht door lock problems that only happens on the drivers side door not locking or unlocking with the key. Is this problem caused by the lock assembly or the key lock itself?

This problem is caused by the design of the key and the lock. The key is not open like most keys so any dirt in the opening or on the key is forced into the cylinder. If you t ( Full Answer )
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How do you unlock and lock a combination lock?

To open the lock you enter the combonation that comes with the lock and pull up on the shackel. to close it, put the shackel in the hole on the lock and push down.
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Why does my ba falcon lock and unlock itself?

IT could happen for many reasons. If it also actuates horn, then it is very likely that you have a faulty door lock actuator. This is a pretty common issue on BA -BF falcons. ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the door locks on passenger side and back doors to unlock on 2003 Ford Crewcab?

if some doors are not unlocking, i would test the door lock master switch. you migh also check that the master switch is not locked. fords have a lock/unlock swith on the sw ( Full Answer )
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Your orange SIM card is locked how do you unlock it?

The phone is locked to a particular network and we remove the network lock to use any sim with that phone.So if you want to remove the lock of orange network from your phone y ( Full Answer )
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My iphone used to be locked but I took it to back to apple and they unlocked it for me but now every time i connect my iPhone to iTunes it says The Sim Card Inserted is not supported what can i do?

reset da phone 2 factory settingz. then do this: all you do is buy a turbosim card off of eBay for 10-15 dollars. you just place the turbosim on your own sim card, put it in ( Full Answer )
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How do you unlock card locked?

on your sd card, there should be a tiny white slider. Move the white slider up, put the chip back in. and everything should be correct! But if this didn't help, There are ( Full Answer )
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Your Casio camera shows the card is locked?

The card has a write protection feature to prevent erasing pictures you want to protect. On the side of the card is a small slide switch - usually white - , slide it down and ( Full Answer )
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Why does the Citroen Xsara Picasso boot lock unlock by itself?

There is a small micro switch located within the door of the boot somewhere? if this is faulty it will release the boot by itself. I think it is located either behind the boot ( Full Answer )
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My camera will not take pictures states it's memory card is locked?

If you remove the SD card from the camera, you should see a small white switch. If you move this to the unlocked symbol, it should unlock your card. (Switch is usually on the ( Full Answer )
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Why is my samsung es28 camera saying card lock?

It's probably just because your memory card is locked, you can solve it by turning off your camera and take out the memory card, then push up (or push down, depends on what me ( Full Answer )