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What has the author Kisor Kumar Chakrabarti written?

Kisor Kumar Chakrabarti has written: 'Definition and induction' -- subject(s): Ancient Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Definition (Logic), Indic Philosophy, Induction (Logic), Nyaya, Oriental influences, Philosophy, Ancient, Philosophy, Comparative, Philosophy, Indic 'Classical Indian philosophy of induction' -- subject(s): History, Induction (Logic), Nyaya… Full Answer

What symbol or symbols god rama?

God Rama - He is always seen together with Seeta (wife) Lakshmana (brother) and Hanumaan a devotee, in any temple or place of worship. Rama's name is associated with Nyaya (justice), Dharma (Duty, Law, virtue, conduct) ,good kingship. Full Answer

What are the six schools of Hinduism?

The six schools of thought in Hindu philosophy are: 1)Sankhya -distinction between mind and body2)Yoga - meditation3)Nyaya -logic4)Vaisheshika - says that all objects in the universe can be broken down to atoms5)Mimamsa -ritualism6)Vedanta - knowledge Full Answer

Where did yoga originate?

India: As in all cultures, it takes an event or personality behind a philosophy- the release of a book, a political event or some art form to push something to the forefront. Sage Patanjali was this for yoga as a… Full Answer

What are the events in Hinduism's history?

Hinduism is a term for a wide variety of related religious traditions native to India. Historically, it encompasses the development of Religion in India since the Iron Age traditions, which in turn hark back to prehistoric religions such as that… Full Answer

Why Hindus haven't named their religion?

Because it is Timeless[= Nobody knows how or when it originated], it has no founder[ the RiShis were only the Receivers(more aptly "the Seers" = द्रष्टारः = draShTAraH) of the Wisdom[in the form of the mantras in The Vedas]. There… Full Answer