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What is the disadvantage of olap?

OLAP, and its reliance on the data warehousing environment, are two of the most significant new technology areas. Moreover, the use of relational design and relational database technology are not feasible implementations to support OLAP design because of the complexity… Full Answer

Why need of separate data warehouse?

3 Main reasons: 1.OLTP systems require high concurrency, reliability, locking which provide good performance for short and simple OLTP queries. An OLAP query is very complex and does not require these properties. Use of OLAP query on OLTP system degrades… Full Answer

What is statistical data in dbms?

A statistical database is a database used for statistical analysis purposes. It is an OLAP instead of OLTP system, although this term precedes that modern decision, and classical statistical databases are often closer to the relational model than the multidimensional… Full Answer

What is the Advantages of OLAP?

The primary advantage of OLAP data storage is better performance for accessing multidimensional data. OLAP systems are also accompanied by calculation engines and data manipulation languages. So a second advantage is that it gives analytical capabilities that are not in… Full Answer

How do you compare oltp and olap?

"OLTP Short database transactions Online update/insert/delete Normalization is promoted High volume transactions Transaction recovery is necessary OLAP Current and historical data Long database transactions Batch update/insert/delete Denormalization is promoted Low volume transactions Transaction recovery is not necessary " Full Answer

What is business intelligence mean?

The best answer I can find is here: Business Intelligence makes it possible to analyze data effectively using BI Tools. OLAP Cube is one of such system that enables management to have a detailed view on multi-dimensional data that… Full Answer