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What does OOAK dolls mean?

OOAK is One Of A Kind, it is used for costumized dolls (like barbies, dollfies etc) which are not really completely OOAK, and also for art dolls of various materials like polymer clay sculptures. Polymer clay OOAK DOLLS are figurines… Full Answer

How do you get Monster High dollhouse?

Mattel has released 1 officially licensed dollhouse for Monster High: it's the Monster High High School Playset. Otherwise there are many custom made OOAK (one of a kind) dollhouses available. Some are pretty nice and highly detailed and beat the… Full Answer

What are reborn babies?

Reborn Babies are dolls made out of vinyl or sometimes polymer clay (ooak babies) and are made to look very lifelike. They have hand rooted hair plastic hair and sometimes even peirced ears. They vary in length and weight some… Full Answer

Where to buy troll beads in Ohio?

One location that sells Trollbeads is Vale Edge Florist and Gifts in Ravenna, Ohio. This store is an authorized Gold Level Trollbeads Dealer, so they carry a wide range of Trollbeads, including silver Trollbeads, Gold Trollbeads, one-of-a-kind amber and glass… Full Answer