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Does Catalonia have two Spanish dialects?

No. But Catalonia does have three official languages recognized. Catalan Spanish/Castillian Occitan Even though Catalan and Occitan are similar to Spanish, they are not Spanish dialects. They are both completely different languages, with unique words, verb conjugations, pronunciations, etc. Full Answer

What is a trobadour?

A trobadour is a composer and performer of Occitan lyric poetry during the High Middle Ages. Since the word "troubadour" is etymologically masculine, a female troubadour is usually called a trobairitz. Full Answer

What does Oc' mean in French?

There are two significant language groups in France and nearby areas. There's the langues d'oïl (the languages of oïl), which are basically throughout the north of the country and includes standard French, and the langues d'oc (languages of oc) which… Full Answer