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Why is the wedding dress white?

In Elizabethan England the white wedding dress came about because to wear white was unusual and it set the dress apart from other dresses. When a woman wore a dress in this time it often got dirty in one wearing… Full Answer

What color was her dress?

Aurora's dress- pink, blue (sometimes). Snow white's dress- every Colour. Cinderella's dress- Blue, White, pink. Belle's dress- blue and White, yellow, pink and green. Ariel's dress- Pink, light and dark blue and tail green and bra purple. Jasmine's dress- Purple… Full Answer

What does Dorothy wear in 'The Wizard of Oz'?

The movie gives the iconic image of Dorothy in her blue-and-white gingham dress and sparkling ruby slippers. In the book, however, Dorothy changes clothes several times. Her first outfit isn't described, but she changes into the gingham dress shortly after… Full Answer