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Who created pompeii?

Pompeii was built in around 600BC by the Oscans, who were a group of people in Italy. It was originally called Colonia Veneria Cornelia Pompeii for the person who conquered the pompeii area and for Venus, the goddess of love. Full Answer

Was Italy founded by Romans?

No. Early Rome was only a tiny part of Italy. There were a variety of peoples living there before Rome established itself. Oscans, Samnites, Gauls, Greeks and Etruscans were a few of the major peoples inhabiting ancient Italy. Full Answer

Who were the first people to live in Pompeii?

The genealogy of the town of Pompeii is hard to judge. Ancient Italy consisted of many different peoples, who at different times occupied various regions. Pompeii was no exception. We have no clear idea of who the first inhabitants of… Full Answer

Why did the oscans build Pompeii?

The presence of an original settlement by an unknown Oscan people (the Oscans were a number of various peoples in central and southern Italy who spoke Oscan dialects), which is dated to the 8th-7th century BC, is known only though… Full Answer

What does Pompeii mean in English?

That is not a simple question because the language may not be Latin. Pompeii was originally an Oscan town founded in the 7th century BC, before Rome expanded its influence across Italy - the Osci (Oscans) had their own language… Full Answer

What was Pompeii like?

Pompeii was based on a lava plateau on the cost of Italy beside the river Sarnus and the mount Vesuvius. The surrounding lands were very fertile due to the volcanic soil and the river provided lots of water.It was founded… Full Answer