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How do you stop pmsing?

You dont ypu have to deal with it or u can tell ur mom and a few friends when u get ur pieriod and tell them to tell u that u r PMSing and to chill there is no way… Full Answer

What is pmsing?

Pre Menstrual Stress. Its an imbalance in hormones in women before and during the start of their period that can cause them to become imbalanced and irrational. Along with some going absolutely crazy. Full Answer

How does semen affect pms?

Semen acts as a powerful pain killer and mood enhancer if swallowed while you are PMSing. Also, it is high in protein so you can skip your eggs in the morning. Hope this helps! Full Answer

A word that means letting things get to you?

Try these words or phrases for "letting things get to you."Short temperedInability to copeBroken coping mechanismIntolerantType A personalityIn-compassionateImpatientShort circuitedHigh strungcantankerousirasciblesnappysnappishirritablePMSingpeevishcrabbycrankysnippysnippetytestytouchyhissy fittyunpleasantsnottytouchyCan you tell I have lived with a person like this? Full Answer

How do you confront a cheater?

A couple of tips: * Do not confront the cheater when you are angry or upset - the most important thing that you must do is keep your cool, no matter what. It's our nature to immediately confront the person… Full Answer

Why are females so hard to understand?

Perspective from a male user:They think differently, they brains are different anatomically. Males think logically, females think emotionally and their decisions are dictated by their emotions. If they say I love you in January, then they may say I don't… Full Answer