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Micronicia 4 islands?

Micronesia consists of more than four islands. In fact, it comprises thousands of islands. The four main island groups are the Gilbert Islands, the Mariana Islands, the Caroline Islands, and the Marshall Islands. Full Answer

What is the word for string of islands?

The collective noun for islands can be a sting of islands, a chain of islands, a cluster of islands, or a group of islands. The word archipelago is not a collective noun, it is a synonym for a group of… Full Answer

How many islands in Cook Islands?

There are 15 islands: seven low-lying, almost deserted islands and atolls in the northern Cook Islands and eight elevated and fertile islands in the southern Cook Islands, which is where the majority of the population lives. Full Answer

Which islands is a dependency of Chile?

There are several islands that are considered dependencies of Chile. Easter Islands, Diego Ramirez Islands, Juan Fernandez Islands, Sala-y-Gomez Islands, San Felix Islands, and the Chilean Antarctic Territory is considered to be dependencies of Chile. Full Answer