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Is a smartfone a android?

Not, every smartphone is an Android phone only the device powered Android is Android Smartphone, there are other operating system like iOS, Windows ...etc so, smartphones powering up with iOS or Windows are also available over the market. Full Answer

Which platform supports ice 90 software?

Android platforms support the Ice Cream software. These platforms can be found on any device that supports Google Play including the HTC phones, Smasung Galaxy phones and tablets, and Nexus phones and tablets. Jelly Bean is the most recent version… Full Answer

What is an Android device?

An Android device is a device which runs Android software. Phones that run Android are much more customizable than Windows Phones or Apple's iPhones (running on iOS) Android is Open Source, which means there are many devices that can run… Full Answer

How do you root your android?

Be careful about rooting you device because it voids the warranty but, if you don't have one or don't care here's how. To root your Android device go to the Android Market and download an app called 'Z4 root'. This… Full Answer

Can you upgrade android 2.2 to 3.0?

No. Android 3.x was designed specifically for tablets and will not run properly on phones. However, you can update to Android 4.x which supports both phones and tablets. Alternatively, you can update to Android 2.3.x, but you will be sacrificing… Full Answer