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What is pus?

Pus is a collection of dead skin cells, white blood cells, and bacteria that usually comes out a whitish yellow color.
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What is pus made of?

pus is the accumulation of white blood cells that are trying to fight the infection
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Rash with pus?

A rash that has pus associated with it indicates that the rash hasbecome infected. This can lead to serious problems, as such rashescan be a sign of a staph infection. Seek me ( Full Answer )
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What are pus cells?

they are leukocytes (white blood cells), specifically neutrophils, which attack bacteria and fungi. some are living, but pus mostly consists of dead cells.
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What does pus consist of?

...formed in certain infections and is composed of debris that consists of white blood cells, bacteria and tissue/cellular; A fluid product of inflammation.
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What is a pu pu platter in Chinese restaurant?

\nA Pu Pu Platter is a tray American Chinese cuisine consisting of an assortment of small meat and seafood appetizers.\n-answer by Lucky
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Is pus dangerous?

Since pus is associated with an infection, the infection is what is dangerous. Left untreated, an infection can cause some severe issues in the long run. Infections are treate ( Full Answer )
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How is pus formed?

Pus is formed when the body removes dead skin cells and white blood cells called neutrophils in an infection. It is a sign that the body is still putting up a defensive reacti ( Full Answer )
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What is pus stool?

Pus in stool can be caused by a number of health related problems.Some include IBS, Crohn's, food allergy, virus or bacteria, orcandida.
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What is pu maid of pu sole?

P U Sole are synthetic polyurethane light weight highly abrasion-resistant, water and chemical resistant long life and perfect for hard or light wearing shoes, most of sports ( Full Answer )
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What does PU mean?

It's a shortened term for puteo, which is Latin for "to stink, be redolent, or smell bad.
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Do herpes have pus in them?

Herpes blisters do have a clear pus in them. This pus is actually the virus in a concentrated form. That's why you need to take extra good care of your hygiene when these are ( Full Answer )
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Can you eat pus?

No, a person cannot eat pus. It is a sign of infection that hasbeen festering, that needs to be taken care of, and it is not goodfor the body.
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How do get rid of pus?

Pus can be a yellowish/greenish color. It is usually in a solid matter or a fluid. It is filled with dead cells and bacteria. You can get rid of it using antiseptic like cream ( Full Answer )
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What is pus cells?

Pus is an accumulation of white blood cells and dead leukocytes. Itis commonly seen in any area of the body that has become infected.It is the body's way of fighting the infec ( Full Answer )
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Is pus poisonous?

No. If pus was poisonous, people would be likely be dying whenever they had a pus discharge.
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What color is pus?

the color of pus is kinda yellow,green,and sometimes reddish yellow. pus can change colors,so example if you have coming from a cut place on your body it might be reddish. but ( Full Answer )
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Why does pus smell?

The presence of sulfur compounds contained in the pus produce the classic rotten egg smell stink of pus
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Do keloids have pus?

\nNo. Keloids are tough, fibrous masses on and under the skin that hurt and/or itch and look like an inflamed scar.
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Why do you get pus?

It is a mixture of cells forming at the area of infection. Some people refer to it as a protective shelf to stop infection.
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Is the pu pu platter a real food?

Its spelled " pu pu platter" , and yeses, it is an appetizerserved at Chinese restaurants. Also spelled "pu pu platter," thisdish varies from restaurant to restaurant, but gen ( Full Answer )
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How does pus form?

Pus forms when liquid is trapped under the skin. This trappedliquid breeds infection and bacteria from many different sources.
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How do you spell pus?

That is the correct spelling of "pus" (dead cellular material in an infection). The similar word is "puss" (a cat, or slang for a face).
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What is pus composed of?

Pus is formed as a result of defensive action of the body against adisease. It is composed of dead bacteria, dead blood cells,interstitial fluid and toxins.
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Can pus be clear?

Clear fluid from a piercing is a sign of an allergic reaction, generally due to the cleaning agent being used to heal the piercing. Stop using this product and flush the pierc ( Full Answer )
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Is pus deadly?

Yes. Pus is buildup of Dead white blood cells and bacteria. If youpop a internal cyst. (For example a gum boil) . The bacteria willget in your bloodstream and will affect your ( Full Answer )
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What is a platter pus?

a platter puss is a mammal and they have gressie fur and that means they will dry quicker
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What is the pus in a zit?

The pus in a zit is bactaria from all the dirt that is in the zit if you want it to go away don't pop it because it will flare up and your present, a scar so just use facewash ( Full Answer )
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What is PU sole?

PU stands for polyurethane, formed ny chemical reaction between a polyol and an isocyanite. sole is the footwear. conclusion PU sole is the footwear made with PU since there a ( Full Answer )
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What is pus protein?

Pus is collection of white blood cells that congregate at the site of a infection where bacteria replicate and mltiply.The presence of pus means that the white blood cells are ( Full Answer )
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What is the prefix for pus?

There is no prefix for pus. Usually words with only one syllable don't have a prefix.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Pu Pu Platter - 2014?

The cast of Pu Pu Platter - 2014 includes: Lish Amanda as Stripper Lish Ananda Mike Barone as Waiter Bryan Bergman as Man in coffee shop Rebecca Both as Linda Sumiko Braun as ( Full Answer )