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-R or R to burn video?

You can use -R or +R, as long as your burner will handle that format. -R is more widely accepted on DVD players.
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What is R?

Answer . do you mean rated are? if you are it mean only 18 or older can watch this movie . \na letter and an abriviation for radius
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What is DVD-R?

A DVD-R is a DVD disc that allows you to put your own information onto it. The -R in DVD-R means "recordable." Unlike a DVD you get from the video store, DVD-Rs are blank to b ( Full Answer )
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R you a canable?

A cannibal (canable) is someone who eats other humans. There arecases of cannibalism as a last resort in times of famine or otherextreme cases where people faced death.
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What is r value?

R value is a measure of the ability of a material to r etard , or slow down, the movement of heat.
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In Wagon R what does R signify?

in wagon r r stands for a varient of car made by maruti udyog ltd. Its a car model name wagon r
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What does r r stand for?

It could mean:. Reference range, in laboratory medicine. . Relative risk, in statistics and epidemiology . Respiratory rate, as a vital sign . Rhesus factor, in immunohema ( Full Answer )
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Who is j r r Tolkien?

J. R. R. Tolkien is my favorite author. He was a Catholic who wrote the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit. He is dead.
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What is R-12 and R-22?

Different grades of freon, the substance that gets condensed and evaporated in an a/c unit.
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R-r interval on EKG?

On an ECG the PR interval measures the conduction time from the atria to the ventricles
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What does the r in r-value mean?

The R-value of insulating material is an indication of its effectiveness in reducing heat flow through walls, floor, and ceiling of a structure.
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What is R in Elizabeth R?

The R in Elizabeth R means Regina or Queen in Latin If it were a male such as Henry VIII he would have signed his name Henricius Rex or Henry the King. Both Rex and Regina wer ( Full Answer )
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What is R-R interval?

The R-R interval is a medical term used to describe the peak of oneQRS to another. This is used to asses the ventricular rate.
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What is genotype and phenotype of R and r?

Capitals are generally used to denote the dominant trait. In homozygous dominant individuals, genotype RR, the phenotype will be R. In homozygous recessive individuals, genoty ( Full Answer )
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What begins with a r?

lots of things start with r road ransack rat rupture red reed ruby run rust ran rude runt read rumor relocation random represent recorded I'm sure if you look in dictionar ( Full Answer )
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Who is R Leah?

Leah, is Seth Clearwaters sister. She is the only female wolf. Also Sam Uleys x-girlfriend. haha
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What r dogs?

Dogs r dangerous animals that can eat womans boobs off that they aim for the man
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What is R-NH?

If it occurs after the name of a US senator or member of the House of Representatives, R-NH stands for Republican from New Hampshire. For example, "U.S. Senator Judd Gregg (R- ( Full Answer )
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What does R equals R equals R mean in words?

R' or also known as R-prime can, but doesn't always have to be the original R. It's there to show you that you can place any other alkane substitute in that place. You will pr ( Full Answer )
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What r Bakugan?

Well a Bakugan is a small ball that transforms into a beast. Of course this wouldn't happen in real life, but they do sell bakugan at stores (walmart,target,etc.) and they ope ( Full Answer )
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What is r and r2?

Answer: Since this is listed in geometry I'm assuming you are referring to a geometric shape. Thus r is used to represent a radius. r1 would be the initial or radius 1. ( Full Answer )
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What does scp -r do?

Recursively and securely copies files to a remote system where the user has Secure Shell (SSH) access.
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What are the lyrics to 'We R Who We R' by Kesha?

We R Who We R by Ke$ha . Hot and dangerous If you’re one of us, then roll with us ‘Cause we make the hipsters fall in love And we’ve got hot-pants on and ( Full Answer )
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What is name of R R Patil?

the drama queenz names r queen shay, queen day-day queen nai and queen kay they rock and sing and they dance they will be performing march 5th 2011 on a Saturday and they will ( Full Answer )
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Who is R Bopanna?

Rohan Bopanna is a professional Indian tennis player, currenly [2011] ranked #2 in India, though he is probably a better doubles than singles player internationally, having re ( Full Answer )
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What is R-Truth?

He's an African American wrestler. The R is for Ron his first name, and on the Indy circuit he wrestled under the name Ron "the truth" killings.
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Is we r who we r a pop music?

Yes, "We R Who We R" by Kesha is a pop song, In fact her track is Dance- pop and Electropop song.
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What is pi r r?

Pi times r times r or Pi r squared is the formula for finding the area of a circle where r is the radius
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Why R-O-R is polar?

Element R takes a slightly positive charge, while O takes andnegative charge. . The charge on O is twice R therefore you need two R's to balanceR2O. . Because the R's are on ( Full Answer )
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Which is r?

All lines of longitude run from North pole to South pole, and areall the same length.