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Where in Peru is Lima located?

Lima is located on the western (Pacific) coast of south central Peru. Latitude: 12°02.6′S Longitude: 77°1.7′W
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What animals are in Lima Peru?

There are many types of monkeys, and bats. If you go into the forests right next to lima you could find many types of catapillars, and in the rivers there are otters and river ( Full Answer )
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Which river is Lima in Peru on?

\nLima is on the coast of the South Pacific Ocean located in the valleys of the Rimac, Lurin, and chillon rivers.
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Why is lima the capital of Peru?

In 1532, a group of Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro defeated the Inca ruler Atahualpa and took over his Empire. As the Spanish Crown had named Pizarro governor ( Full Answer )
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Is Lima an attraction in Peru?

Of course, Lima is a mixed pot of all Peru. It is historic because it has its roots in Inca`s Empire and the spaniers rule. Also, it is modern and beautiful with nice beaches. ( Full Answer )
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Who was Richard Nixon?

Richard Nixon (January 9, 1913 - April 22, 1994) was the 37thPresident of the United States, in office from 1969 to 1974. Heserved as the 36th Vice President of the United Sta ( Full Answer )
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What is the population of people in Lima Peru?

Lima is the largest city in Peru and is also the capital. Thepopulation of Lima is 7,605,742. The city covers an area of 1,031.8square miles.
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What is the population in lima Peru?

The population in Lima Puru is about 9 million, being the mostpopulous metropolitan area of Peru.
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What hemisphere is lima Peru in?

Lima, the capital of Peru, is in South America, which is the Southern Hemisphere, and also the Western Hemisphere, which includes both American continents.
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Where is Richard Nixon?

Richard Nixon died April 22, 199... He died in New York... He is buried in Californa, his home town...
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What is the population of Lima Peru?

Population: 7,640,000. Source: The official language in Peru is Spanish and this is the languageyou will hear most of the time on the streets of Lima. Accordin ( Full Answer )
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Distance from Montreal to lima Peru?

The air distance from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to Lima, Peru, is 3,967 miles. that equals 6,383 kilometers or 3,447 nautical miles.
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How do you drive from California to Lima Peru?

The Pan-American Highway runs through Central America and much ofSouth America, but it is not always the best or fastest route, andhas a 60-mile gap at Darien, Panama that can ( Full Answer )
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What languages are spoken in lima peru?

They speak a dialect of Spanish. According to the last census (1997) in Lima, the capital, the 93,4%of inhabitants speak spanish. Just 5,9% speaks quechua, the nativelanguage ( Full Answer )
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Does it rain in Lima Peru?

Yes. But this is very rare because Lima is in a desert. The whole coast of Peru is a desert.
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How many miles between lima Peru and cusco Peru?

352 miles or 567 kilometers "as the crow flies." Its about 50 minutes by plane between Lima and Cusco Peru. Cusco has beutiful destins and places for tourist, most of impor ( Full Answer )
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What type of climate does Lima Peru have?

It has different types of climates. This is due to the Andes. . It is hot and humid in the rainforest, which is in the eastern side of the Andes. . The Climate in the Easter ( Full Answer )
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Is Cusco Peru close to Lima Peru?

Not really! It's 16 hours on a direct route (by bus it could be alittle longer). The distance between the two cities is only around700 miles (1126 km), but the terrain is real ( Full Answer )
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Where is Lima Peru?

Lima is the capital of Peru, a country on the Pacific (northwestern) coast of South America. Lima is located on the coast in south central Peru, about 250 miles south of Quito ( Full Answer )
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What continent is lima Peru on?

Lima is the capital of Peru, a country on the Pacific (northwestern) coast of South America. Lima is located on the coast in south central Peru.
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Is lima Peru tropical?

it is subtropical, youll see palm trees though. Lima is a beautiful city the best way to enjoy it is not as a tourist but by hitting places up as if you lived there. go during ( Full Answer )
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Is Lima Peru friendly toward Americans?

Of course, they are very welcome to Peru, and Peruvians are really friendly and warm people with everybody.
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What airline fly to Lima Peru?

Many airlines fly to Lima, Peru, more specifically: . Aerolineas Argentinas. . Aeromexico. . Air Canada. . Air Europa. . Air France. . American Airlines. . Avianca. . ( Full Answer )
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What did they do to Richard Nixon?

Soon after he left office, his successor, Gerald Ford, pardoned himof all his White House offenses. His only real punishment was tolose his office and the disgrace associated ( Full Answer )
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How far is Lima Peru from Miami Florida?

Distance from Miami Beach to Lima is: 2604.5 Miles ( 4191.5 Kilometers / 2261.7 Nautical Miles ) Approximate flight duration time from Miami Beach to Lima is 5 hrs, 24 mins
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Where was Richard Nixon from?

Richard Nixon was from Yorba Linda, California. He moved toWashington to work for the federal government in 1942.
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Why is the capital of Peru called Lima?

Lima is not just the name of the capital of Peru . The district of Lima where the historical city center is located is called Lima . The region around it is called Lima ( Full Answer )
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Where is Polaris from Lima Peru?

As seen from Lima, Peru, Polaris is always about 12 degrees below the point on the horizon due north of theobserver. So it is never visible.