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Did Yoweri grow up in Rwanda?

Reports say that Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Buzaliranwa a.k.a. Yoseri Kayibanda Rutasirwa a.k.a. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was born in Rwanda and came as a refugee with his mother who was fleeing Rwanda. His mother married Kaguta. \He did not call himself Kaguta… Full Answer

What rhymes with cheese?

tease, sneeze, jeez, Breeze, freeze, he's, keys, knees, lees, seas, sees, tees, trees, wheeze. Please, seize, peas, bees... Leaves, fees, teas, teese. she's. 23 words ummm thats a weird question but ok cheese rymes with knees, bees, keys, trees, teas… Full Answer

What rhymes with knees?

The word fees rhymes with knees. Ever heard the expression "It's the bee's knees?" Breeze, seize, sneeze, skis, tease, wheeze, he's, peas, trees, please, trees, keys.bees,keys,trees, there are alot more too :)According to letters: bes, b.s, b's, ccs, cds… Full Answer