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What country has the most time zone?

That depends on whether you are thinking of contiguous continental time zones only or if you want to include all of the time zones in all of a country's overseas territories.Russia has the most contiguous time zones. It has 10… Full Answer

What is 9 AM eastern time in Asia time?

9 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT/UTC-4)= 3 PM Eastern European Time (EET/UTC+2)= 3 PM Israel Standard Time (ILST/UTC+2)= 4 PM Eastern European Summer Time (EEST/UTC+3)= 4 PM Israel Daylight Saving Time (ILDT/UTC+3)= 4 PM Arabia Standard Time (AAST/UTC+3)= 4:30… Full Answer

What time is 6AM EST?

6 AM EST =12 midnight NUT (Niue)12 midnight SST (American Samoa)1 AM CKT (Cook Islands)1 AM TAHT (Tahiti)1 AM HAST (Hawaii)1:30 AM MART (Marquesas)2 AM HADT (western Aleutians)2 AM GAMT (Gambier)2 AM AKST (Alaska)3 AM AKDT (Alaska)3 AM MeST (Alaska)3… Full Answer

When is 1 P.M. EST?

EST represents eastern time zone it basically tells the time in the eastern place of the country and shows the time with respect to it while taking of the others time for eastern zone Full Answer

What are the 24 time zones?

If there were only 25 time zones, they would all be offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) by multiples of a whole hour and would be limited to UTC - 12 hrs. to UTC + 12 hrs. Welcome to reality… Full Answer