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Is Serbia recognized as successor State of FRY?

Serbia is a successor State of FRY. Federation of Serbia and Montenegro (post-2002 name for FRY) was recognised as the continuation of the SFRY(1945-91). In 2006, when Montenegro declared independence, Serbia became successor State of Federation of Serbia and Montenegro… Full Answer

Did Slovenia always have republic?

Slovenia as a country never existed before 1991 and it was always a republic. Before that Slovenia was a part of:1945 - 1991 Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (known at some time as Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia) - RepublicIn… Full Answer

What was Yugoslavia renamed in 2003?

The Name Yugoslavia refers to an erstwhile country that existed in the Western part of the Balkans during the 20th century. The country was an union of 3 main entities consisting of the Croats, Serbs, and the Slovenes. The Union… Full Answer