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What is SGML?

SGML, or Standard Generalized Markup Language, is a type of metalanguage used for document elements. It is used for defining and tagging metalanguages used in specific documents. Full Answer

Where did XML come from?

XML was based off of the Standard Generalized Markup Language. It was built to fill the need for a strategic storage system that was easy to read and manipulate data with. XML was first developed to make SGML usable for… Full Answer

Who discovered html?

No one "discovered" HTML. It was a natural outgrowth of existing markup languages. In particular, HTML has a lot in common with SGML, and anyone who already knew SGML (which was a lot of people in the academic community) could… Full Answer

Html is similar to?

Some versions are not just similar to, but actually valid, XML (extensible markup language.) HTML also bears a resemblance to the my older SGML. Full Answer

What is the DTD schema?

A Document Type Definition (DTD) is a set of markup declarations that define a document type for an SGML-family markup language (SGML, XML, HTML). A DTD uses a terse formal syntax that declares precisely which elements and references may appear… Full Answer

Is XML a database?

XML is not a database. It is a document markup language, a cousin of HTML and a descendant of SGML. Databases can read XML to import data, and export XML to other applications (depending on the capabilities of the database). Full Answer

What is meant by the term cdata?

CDATA is a terminology used to describe an action in XML and SGML programming. It is a shortened phrase meaning character data and it refers to a section of text that should be interpreted only as such and not program… Full Answer

What is DTD?

A DTD is the original type of XML schema. XML Schemas are used to formally describes the contents of an XML document. An XML schema describes the shape of the XML document, defining the data, sub elements or attributes it… Full Answer

Which language was used to make HTML?

HTML is a language. (The acronym stands for Hypertext Markup Language.) It stems from a more complex language known as SGML, and has been influenced by XML in recent year, but it is the language used to write webpages. Full Answer

Who invented xml?

Work was initially contributed by Dan Connoly. Jon Bosak advocated the markup language and suggested it to the W3C. From there it was fully developed by an 11 member group. I believe it was an offshoot from SGML and initially… Full Answer

What has the author Joan M Smith written?

Joan M. Smith has written: 'The waltzing widow' 'TheS tandard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)' -- subject(s): Electronic publishing 'Workshop on New Technology and Library/Information Science Education, Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic, April 13th-16th, 1981' 'The standard generalized markup language and related… Full Answer