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What is an SRB on a space shuttle?

An SRB is an acronym for Solid Rocket Booster. The SRBs are the two white rockets attached to the side of the US Space Shuttle's external fuel tank. They weigh about 1,300,000 pounds each at launch and stand almost 150… Full Answer

Usmc page 11?

A page 11 is simply a document that is added to your srb(service record book) A page 11 can be either good, bad, or neither. Most likely the page 11 is do to something negative. Its the least severe formal… Full Answer

How is the shuttle put into orbit?

The Shuttle is put into orbit using the two SRB (Solid Rocket Boosters) and the large External Tank during lift-off. For maneuvering in space (and the gradual approach to the space station) the orbiter's two engines (one on either side… Full Answer