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Where is proof that Moses existed?

This Jewish tradition has been handed down for over 3,300 years by the entire Jewish nation, and accepted by Christians and Muslims as well. Moses is mentioned many times in the Torah and Rabbinic literature. He is also mentioned by… Full Answer

How big is the hanging gardens of babylone?

Some stories indicate the Hanging Gardens towered hundreds of feet into the air, but archaeological explorations indicate a more modest, but still impressive, height. The Greek geographer Strabo, who described the gardens in first century BC, wrote, "It consists of… Full Answer

When did the Basque live?

Ancient and modern times are the periods during which the Basque people have lived and continue to live. Specifically, the Basque people are found on both sides of the border between southwestern France and northwestern Spain. Their presence in the… Full Answer

Who is queen candance in the bible?

CANDACE (Can·da′ce). A queen of Ethiopia whose treasurer became a Christian. (Ac 8:27) Instead of being a specific personal name, "Candace," like "Pharaoh" and "Caesar," is considered to be a title. Ancient writers, including Strabo, Pliny the Elder, and Eusebius… Full Answer