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What is CM stand for in the navy?

CM is a Construction Mechanic, one of the SeaBee construction ratings in the Navy. CM's are responsible for heavy construction equipment maintenance and repair (bulldozers, cranes, trucks, etc.), including diesel and gas engines. Full Answer

What does the term 'SEABEE' mean?

SEABEE is slang for C.B., or construction battalion.the seabees were founded after the bombing of pearl harbor because of the number of civillian workers that were killed. during WWII seabees built large numbers of buildings and airstrips , but mostly… Full Answer

Who named the Bermuda triangle and why?

The former- and well-known Fishing commentator of Radio and TV fame- Vincent ( Gadabout) Gaddis, wrote a book about the mystery- called Invisible Horizons, and this popularized the term Bermuda Triangle. It is not known if the Flying Fisherman-as he… Full Answer

How long is navy seabee a school?

Depends on which rating your going into. There are several CB ratings, BU, SW, CE, EA, UT, and CM. I just came back from UT A school and it was 109 days, CE's are about the same. Both of those… Full Answer

Why does the navy use blousing straps?

Well, now that all naval personnel are required to wear the NWU/Navy Working Uniform; similar to the old BDU style. It is required to blouse the bottoms of the trouser legs so that it does not come below the 2nd… Full Answer

What are Navy Seabees?

Seabees are members of the United States Navy construction battalions. The word Seabee is a proper noun that comes from the initials of Construction Battalion, (CB) of the United States Navy. The Seabees have a history of building bases, bulldozing… Full Answer

Who gave the Bermuda Triangle its name?

Noted and now deceased Fishing commentator Vincent (Gadabout) Gaddis is credited with popularizing the phrase- Bermuda Triangle. Mr. Gaddis was a very popular angling author and ran both radio and TV shows on fishing- one called the Flying Fisherman. He… Full Answer

Who was in the original play South Pacific?

The original 1949 production starred Ezio Pinza as Emile De Beque and Mary Martin as Ensign Nellie Forbush. Full Cast (Alphabetical by last name): Mardi Bayne....Ensign Connie Walewska, Evelyn Colby....Ensign Pamela Whitmore, Sandra Deel....Ensign Janet MacGregor, Bill Dwyer....Seaman Tom O'Brien… Full Answer

Can a married couple join the navy?

You can, but like anyone in the Navy who's married and in-service, there's absolutely no guarantee that you'll be stationed together. While the detailers do their best to keep people together, the fact is that the needs of the Navy… Full Answer