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What is MIMS cable?

MIMS = Mineral Insulated Metal Sheathed Cable, It is an electrical cable resistant to fire etc. Basically copper cores in a metal tube, filled with magnesium oxide powder as insulation. Very similar to MICC but with other metals instead of… Full Answer

What is a bad ground cable?

In an electrical circuit, you'll have a charged circuit (the positive), and a ground circuit... a bad ground cable is a cable which is somehow not effectively completing the ground.. could be poor conductive material, a break or fray in… Full Answer

What are some uses for fiber cable?

Fiber cable, or fiber optic cable, is primarily used to transmit bandwidth. Cable service providers and internet service providers use these cables to transmit their services to devices, such as modems and cable box units in consumers' homes.

Where can one purchase a cable card?

Cable cards can be purchased or rented from cable companies. Most cable companies rent them out to people at a monthly fee. Companies such as Comcast and Service Electric sell and rent cable cards.

Where can one get a Cable Box?

If an individual needs a cable box to view cable show programs, the individual needs to contact their cable television provider. Cable boxes are typically furnished by the cable television provider, and are specifically programmed to the providers channels. A… Full Answer

What is ring main circuit?

A ring main circuit for example is: key: circuit breaker=0 cable=---- socket=[] bends in cable=/ and \ Using the key this is a demonatration. 0---[]-----[]-------[]------[]---[]---\ \---[]-----[]-----[]----[]-------[]---/ Just imagine that there is only 1 circuit breaker in that circuit, both ends… Full Answer