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How many iPhones has Apple made?

Six. iPhone - The first iPhone Apple created. iPhone 3G - The second iPhone, improved size and look. iPhone 3G S - The third iPhone, introduced video camera. iPhone 4 - The fourth iPhone, slimmer, introduced video calls (FaceTime), folders… Full Answer

Is ipod touch better than ip hone?

The difference btw the iphone and the ipod touch is that the ipod touch doesn't have the phone or the camera. Personally, i would get the iphone 3g because of the phone and its cheaper than the ipod touch with… Full Answer

Where can I buy an iPhone 3GS?

You can buy the new iphone froma good phone shop, carphone warehouse or the o2 shop, here you can get insurance and stuff and you can walk away with the phone today!and my company can sell the iphone 3gs if… Full Answer