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What should teenagers be eating?

Teenagers should be eating a stable, balanced, healthy diet. They should be eating lots of protein-filled foods and a variety of vegetables and fruits. Fruits are an important source of vitamins and green veggies such as spinach, are loaded with… Full Answer

What is a good website to play games for kids?

Definitely choose It is not fully finished yet. And you can't play games. But the idea of making veggies come alive is very creative.My grandaughter and I check this site often, and wait patiently for this amazing website to… Full Answer

What do kids hate to do?

I am a kid myself so i am a pro hate to do more work than they can do hate to be yelled at or yelling at a person /object 3. kids hate to be disturbed when they… Full Answer

Should feces be hard?

They should preferably not be. If it's hard you are not having enough veggies. If you eat more veggies or whole grains that will make defecation easier.