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Where can I buy an iPhone 3GS?

You can buy the new iphone froma good phone shop, carphone warehouse or the o2 shop, here you can get insurance and stuff and you can walk away with the phone today! and my ( Full Answer )
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How much is the new 3g iphone?

$199.99 at at&t when it first came out. I'm not sure if the price got lower or higher or stayed the same
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Is the iPhone 3G worth buying?

The Iphone 3g is worth buying because it has alot of cool features like you can talk on the phone and download music off your phone form the itunes store on the phone and you ( Full Answer )
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Should you buy an iPhone 3g?

Why not? It is almost the same as an iPhone 4 but just a tad slower
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What exactly does 3G mean How different is the new iPhone 3G from the old iPhone?

3G refers to the third generation mobile phone standards and technology. Using 3G technologies cell phone service providers can offer users better and faster internet access, ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy a iPhone 3g?

Apple, Bestbuy And Other Major Retail Stores Do Not Carry The Iphone 3G , they only carry Iphone 3GS , Iphone 4 , and Iphone4S. To Buy A 3G You will have to buy one off craigs ( Full Answer )
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Will there be a new iPhone this year?

In my opinion I'd say no. Here's why. Despite all the speculation an obviously photoshopped pictures there is no credible evidence that there will be. In 2008 apple announced ( Full Answer )
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How much is the new iPhone 3gs?

16GB in black or white — from $199US\n32GB in black or white — from $299US\n(source apple online store)
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If you buy a new iPhone 3GS in America can you use it in Ireland and Europe or do you have to unlock it?

If you are willing to pay Roaming prices to AT&T for having called from Ireland all the time then yes but otherwise you can't because the iPhone 3gS can only be bought WIT ( Full Answer )
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Can you buy an iPhone and just put the sim card from your existing ATT 3G phone in I did so in my brother's iPhone and got service and wanted to know if there was a way to do this with a new iphone?

An AT&T 3G sim card will work in a new iPhone. yessss you can :) but the box for the iPhone comes with a little tool to help you open the little compartment for the sim ( Full Answer )
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How much does the new Apple iPhone 3G 32gig cost?

If you live in the USA and are going to AT&T to purchase the new 32 gig iPhone 3gs it will cost you $299 ONLY if you are a new customer or are capable of AT&T's upgrade option ( Full Answer )
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Does US Cellular carry the new iPhone 3g?

No they do not... : ( US Cellular is a CDMA network and all iphones are GSM network, so iphone is not compatible with US Cellular. They also do not allow unlocked phones on th ( Full Answer )
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Is applecare for your new iPhone 3gs worth it and why?

I'm not a big fan of extended warrantees usually they are a ripoff. However, the iPhone is subsidied so the full cost of reparing one may be quite expensive -- some credit car ( Full Answer )
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Where to buy an 8GB iPhone 3G?

Well... the iPhone 3G has been declared utterly obselete and does not have iOS 5 because of it's weak ARM 11 processor. If you still wish to buy one (as a collector's item) th ( Full Answer )
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Should you buy the nexus one or the iPhone 3gs?

I PHONE 3GS is my answer. Although nexus has higher processor, camera and ram and so does its internet speed but this does not mean that you buy it. i phone 3gs has its own ad ( Full Answer )
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Is buying a iPhone 3gs worth it?

depends what you want to use it for if it's for business i would recomend the blackberry but if it's just for a phone i would recommend the iphone3GS I think the iphone 3G ( Full Answer )
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You might buy an iphone 3gs soon should you wait for a new iPhone to come out soon or not?

This is a hard decision to make, depending on the circumstances... Typically when a new iPhone, or any Apple product, is about to be released, rumors of it are all over the ( Full Answer )
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Which to buy - iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4?

the 3gs is much better for it's money iphone 3gs is better, i think. but it is very dear. it seems that you have enough money. if not, you can buy cheap phone instead.
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Should you get your 12-year-old daughter an iphone 3gs?

It really depends on the kid. If she is extremely responsible than I would get her an iPhone 4S because they are the best iPhone out there and she would appreciate it. Now on ( Full Answer )
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Can you sell your locked iPhone 3g?

Yes, you can sell almost anything, but only if someone wants to buy it. You can try listing it for sale on eBay.
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Should a 63 year old get an iPhone 4S or 3GS?

They should deff get a 3gs because it has a more clearer screen and it is easier to learn how to use it. I don't think that they need all that the 4 or 4s has... All they woul ( Full Answer )
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What kind of store sells new iphones?

There are many stores that sell new iPhones. Many AT&T stores have a wide selection of iPhones to choose from, as well as Apple stores. They can also be found at Walmart.