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Are most breasts real?

All boobs are real: some are just surgically enhanced. It is very easy to tell the difference. Real breasts are soft to squeeze and they look natural. Fake breasts are actually a little colder than the body and they feel… Full Answer

Is American choppers fake?

Fake or not, If you google the Supreme Court in Goshen NY, you can look up the lawsuit filing Sr. has against Jr.. Would seem to me it would be against the law to file a real lawsuit for the… Full Answer

Are books real?

Do books exist? - Yes. Are the stories in them real? - Some are and some are not. But most books are not real and most books are not fiction, so yes there are books that are real. for example… Full Answer

Are the othersiders real or fake?

it is fake because if you look at the Linda Vista Hospital, they barely got any evidence, but i looked at other paranormal crews that have investigated this place, and they it is the most haunted hospital in the U.S… Full Answer