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Who does The ghost of Christmas Past show to Ebenezer and why?

The Ghost of Christmas Past visits Scrooge and takes him into his past to see various Christmas seasons. The first is when he was a child and was left alone at school over the ( Full Answer )
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Where do ghosts haunt?

They can haunt for many reasons. The main reasons are as follows: -They haunt a place because it was of importance to them. -They haunt a place because it was the last p ( Full Answer )
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What is the theme song for Ghosts of girlfriends past?

Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight is the song used in the trailer for Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. . It is not used in the movie, but there were 27 other songs that appea ( Full Answer )
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Why do ghost haunt?

because they huant some one that did something bad to them or they huant someone that they love and want to watch out for them so they dont get hurt.
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Why are haunted houses haunted by ghosts?

Houses are haunted either because the ghost has something to do with the house or family.They like to live around lots of people because they take the energy from you so they ( Full Answer )
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Who sings ghost?

Fefe Dobson Hope it helped The above answer may be the wrong person as the current hit on theradio is by Ella Henderson (Gabrielle Michelle 'Ella' Henderson)who starred in th ( Full Answer )
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Is a ghost haunting you?

No, ghosts generally only haunt you if you took part in killing it because they want revange so they can rest peacefully. But no, a ghost is not haunting me, and yes, i do ( Full Answer )
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How do you get past the ghost in ghost tower?

You need to get the Silph Scope from Saffron City. You get it in the building of Silph Co. Once you have it, all you need to do is go back to the floor with the Ghost Marowak, ( Full Answer )
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Why are you being haunted by ghosts?

because they trying to tell you something about you that you need to know or something that is a danger to you:) or they hate you or someone in your family or if they died in ( Full Answer )
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Why is a ghost haunting you?

You have probably stirred some spirits from their peaceful resting place, so they are angry with you. Personally, I exorcised the ghost that haunted me through meditation, pil ( Full Answer )
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How many ghost TV shows are there?

There are really no ghost TV shows. There is one and its Casper the friendly ghost.
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Did Alan ruck play in the tv show ghost whisperer?

Alan Ruck guest starred in the episode "Bad Blood" on Ghost Whisperer. He and his daughter move to a haunted house where the ghosts control the inhabitants, feed off them and ( Full Answer )
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Is the show ghost adventures a family TV show?

No, There's cursing (granted it's censored) and young children might be disturbed by the descriptions of how these places became haunted (murder, suicide) Plus, it's on at 10p ( Full Answer )
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Are there any poems dedicated to the Ghost Adventures TV show?

As darkness shrouded the entrance hall for everyone to see, a feeling fell on one and all of woe, some misery, Down the hall, behind the door of the abandoned mine, ( Full Answer )
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How do you tell if i'm being haunted by a ghost?

You are not being haunted. If you want, you can hire a Paranormal Investigation team to come to your house, make a big deal about perfectly normal occurances, and charge you a ( Full Answer )
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Which TV shows have a cast member sing the theme song?

There aren't many. TV theme songs have gone by the wayside in general and not many of them are or were sung by the cast.. Here are a handful that features at least one cast m ( Full Answer )
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What are some TV shows about ghost sightings?

There are many TV Shows about ghost sightings. Some of these shows include Sightings, My Ghost Story, The Ghost Report and Ghost Hunting. Some of these shows can be watched on ( Full Answer )
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Why does the ghosts show Scrooge the unkindness of his father?

The Ghost of Christmas Past wants to remind Ebenezer (and thereaders) why he became embittered against the holiday, and againsthumanity in general. Part of the reason was that ( Full Answer )