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What is the English word 'late' in Surinamese?

"Laat" and "lati" are two Surinamese equivalents of the English word "late." Specifically, the word "laat" is the Dutch equivalent. The word "lati" is the equivalent in Sranan Tongo. Dutch is Suriname's official language, and Sranan Tongo is a widely… Full Answer

What is Suriname's official and unofficial name?

The official name of Suriname in English is Republic of Suriname. In Dutch the official name is Republiek Suriname. In Sranan Tongo ['Surinamean tongue'], a Creole language spoken by over two-thirds of the population, Suriname is known as Sranan. Unofficially… Full Answer

What is Suriname's national flower?

The parakeet flower or parrot's beak [Heliconia psittacorum] is Suriname's national flower. In the Surinamese creole language Sranan Tongo the flower is called 'popokai tongo'. In Surinamese Dutch, it's called 'papegaaietong' or 'papegaybek'. In Surinamese Carib, it's called 'kulewako anuru'… Full Answer

What are Suriname's interesting animals and plants?

An interesting plant in Suriname is the parakeet flower, and an interesting animal is the cock-of-the-rock. The parakeet flower or parrot's beak [Heliconia psittacorum] is Suriname's national flower. In the Surinamese creole language Sranan Tongo it's called 'popokai tongo'. In… Full Answer

What are Suriname's other names?

The official name in Dutch for Suriname is Republiek Suriname. There also is another name in one of the country's local languages. The official name in the local language Sranantongo is 'Ripoliku Sranan'. English speakers in neighboring Guyana may used… Full Answer

What is Suriname's national symbol?

The coat of arms with national motto, flag, national anthem, and national flower are included among Suriname's national symbols. The coat of arms was adopted on Independence Day, November 25, 1975. Two natives carry a shield. A ship on the… Full Answer

What time is it in creole?

There is no such language as "Creole." the word creole refers to languages that form when unrelated languages combine. Here is a list of common creolized languages: English-based creole languages Bajan Creole or Barbadian Creole, English-based, spoken in Barbados Belizean… Full Answer

Where is creole spoken?

Creoles are spoken on Every continent in the world except Antarctica. Here is a partial list of important creoles. Some of these may be extinct. Creoles that form from pidgins, sometimes retain the word "Pidgin" in their names, even though… Full Answer

How do you say please in different languages?

Laguage (place) WORD Adyghe (Middle East) Thamshaga Afrikaans (Southern Africa) Asseblief Ainu (Japan) [asking for a gift] Enkore Ainu (Japan) [asking person to do someth.] Wa enkore Ainu (Japan) [asking for permission] Yakka pirka ya Aklanon (Philippines) Kon mahimo Albanian… Full Answer

Name all of the languages on Earth?

List of official, national and spoken languages of Africa. Africa is a continent with a very high linguistic diversity, there are an estimated 1500-2000 African languages. Of these languages four main groupings can be distinguished: Afro-Asiatic (appoximately 200 languages) covering… Full Answer